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Chef's Grill® Flavors Print

Chef's Grill flavors are designed to duplicate the off-the-roast profile similar to grilling on your home BBQ.

Activ International offers a wide range of these flavors including:

Dry Flavors
 Chef's Grill® Smoked Beef Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
 Natural Char Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
 Natural Char Smoke Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
 Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
 Churrasco Grilled Flavor (Seasoning), Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
Liquid Flavors
 Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor  Liquid, 35 lbs.
 Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor  Liquid, 35 lbs.
 Chef's Grill Natural Flavor  Liquid, 35 lbs.
Paste Flavors
 Chef's Nat Grill Beef Flavor  Paste, 35 lbs.
 Chef's Grill® Smoked Bacon Flavored Lard  Paste, 35 lbs.

 Chef's Grill® Smoked Beef Flavor, Dry - Enhanced
 Natural Char Flavor, Dry
This flavor delivers the top notes generated from burnt protein that occurs from a high heat cooking process.
 Natural Char Smoke Flavor, Dry
This flavor adds a burnt, fatty, smoky flavor background note that works well in spice/seasoning and flavoring systems and meat and poultry products.
 Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor, Dry
 Churrasco Grilled Flavor (Seasoning), Dry - Natural
A dry, light beige powder, delivering a flavor profile typical of Brazilian style BBQ grilling.
 Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor
 Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor
A slightly opaque, amber colored, water insoluble liquid flavor, manufactured in the United States under carefully controlled conditions.
 Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor
An oil-soluble liquid flavouring, manufactured in the United States of America under carefully controlled conditions, suitable for food.
 Chef's Nat Grill Beef Flavor - FOR EXPORT / EU
A beef flavor paste, manufactured in the United States from real Beef under continuous USDA inspection, is suitable for EU Natural "Flavouring Preparation".
 Chef's Grill® Smoked Bacon Flavored Lard

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Activ International

Givaudan, the global leader in flavours and fragrances, acquired Activ International in 2017 as part of its 2020 strategy to strengthen capabilities in natural flavour solutions to its customers.