Chef's Grill® Flavors

Chef's Grill flavors are designed to duplicate the off-the-roast profile similar to grilling on your home BBQ.

Activ International offers a wide range of these flavors including:

Dry Flavors
13629  Chef's Grill® Smoked Beef Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
91521  Natural Char Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
91630  Natural Char Smoke Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
735118  Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor, Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
736155  Churrasco Grilled Flavor (Seasoning), Dry  Dry, 50 lbs.
Liquid Flavors
730118  Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor  Liquid, 35 lbs.
730189  Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor  Liquid, 35 lbs.
730190  Chef's Grill Natural Flavor  Liquid, 35 lbs.
Paste Flavors
13028  Chef's Nat Grill Beef Flavor  Paste, 35 lbs.
43015  Chef's Grill® Smoked Bacon Flavored Lard  Paste, 35 lbs.

 13629 - Chef's Grill® Smoked Beef Flavor, Dry - Enhanced
 91521 - Natural Char Flavor, Dry
This flavor delivers the top notes generated from burnt protein that occurs from a high heat cooking process.
 91630 - Natural Char Smoke Flavor, Dry
This flavor adds a burnt, fatty, smoky flavor background note that works well in spice/seasoning and flavoring systems and meat and poultry products.
 735118 - Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor, Dry
 736155 - Churrasco Grilled Flavor (Seasoning), Dry - Natural
A dry, light beige powder, delivering a flavor profile typical of Brazilian style BBQ grilling.
 730118 - Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor
 730189 - Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor
A slightly opaque, amber colored, water insoluble liquid flavor, manufactured in the United States under carefully controlled conditions.
 730190 - Chef's Grill® Natural Grill Flavor
An oil-soluble liquid flavouring, manufactured in the United States of America under carefully controlled conditions, suitable for food.
 13028 - Chef's Nat Grill Beef Flavor - FOR EXPORT / EU
A beef flavor paste, manufactured in the United States from real Beef under continuous USDA inspection, is suitable for EU Natural "Flavouring Preparation".
 43015 - Chef's Grill® Smoked Bacon Flavored Lard